Jumat, 09 November 2012

Contoh Conversation like and dislike

Fahmy : Hello brow,,How are you today?
Ali       : I’m fine and you?
Fahmy : I’m very well thanks. Brow where are you and are you busy?
Ali       : I’m not busy and now I’m in my boarding house.
Fahmy : Can you accompany me to go to smada?
Ali       : Yes,I can. What’s going to there?
Fahmy : Yes, I want to see the concert.
Ali       : Who are the singers?
Fahmy : Last Child band feat  gisel.
Ali       : ohh...really?
Fahmy :Yes, why do you like that?
Ali       : I like that music because the character is beat pop music.
Fahmy : Whats your favorite songs of Last Child ?
Ali       : “Diary Depresiku”. This is very important and has motivated to me for do  the best    
  for my life. And do you like the same music?
Fahmy : Yes , I like too. But , not same with you. I just love”separuh nafas ini” by Last Child  feat  Gisel.
Ali       : Good. When does start the performance?
Fahmy : At 11 o’clock. Let’s  go..!!! we must now. Don’t be late,I’m waiting  for  you in front  of Smada.
Ali       : Hay...waiting for long time?
Fahmy : No,I  was here 10 minutes ago.
Ali       : What time is it?
Fahmy : 10.30 we have 30 minutes.
Ali       : hmmm..are you hungry?
Fahmy : Yes ,because I didn’t have breakfast this morning.
Ali       : Let’s ,,get the food.
Fahmy : That’s a good idea.
Ali       :Look that!!! There is rice pecel seller, a packet of rice,a meat soup, and steamed  rice. Do you like them?
Fahmy :  No I just like steamed rice with vegetable soup.
Ali       : Why do you like steamed rice?
Fahmy : Because I really love javanes food and the taste is very “cetar” in my tongue. Do you like the same food?
Ali       : No, I dislike . I just like rice pecel.
Fahmy : why do you like it?
Ali       : pecel rice is hot and very nice if we are eating on this time.
Fahmy : ummmm...Let’s go to there!!!